Monday, December 12, 2011

Pratt Cats and Panic Attacks

My school has about 15 (official) cats on campus. Mostly they hang out in the stream room (our main building runs on steam, I guess) but sometimes they sneak into classrooms...or the library. That's my happy, sleep-deprived self, a self that is in support of Occupurr Wall Street.

Give me a break, I'm running on six hours of sleep here.

Friday, December 9, 2011

A Very Late Thanksgiving Message

This was my ride from New York to New Hampshire for Thanksgiving. A 30 year old hipster read over my shoulder, watched some Dr. Who, and then fell asleep on me. Six hours of awesome.

Once I got to New Hampshire, my aunt had the whole day planned out. I was up at five am to catch the bus, but still had the energy to play with her horses, hang out with my cousins and their kids, and walk along the Atlantic beach.
Sorry about the font being so small. I'd fix it, like I did with the other panels, but I really should be re-writing my play before finals hit me like a special brownie. What it says is that my cousin, Bill, has this daughter who has already developed a sense of sarcasm. As my uncle, her grandfather, coughed Arabic into his iPhone, she sat next to me and made little throat-clearing noises, symbolizing an intense, Egyptian conversation. I love this family.

Finally, let's not forget that Zuccotti Park was cleared a few days before Thanksgiving. I'd like to take this opportunity to be a full-fledged stereotype; promote Occupy AND vegetarianism! All hail Pissed-Off Herb-Eaters!

What I Learned in Natural Disasters

Hello, friends.

I know. This rabbit hasn't been posting. It's called being a college junior in an Intensive Writing Program while working 20 hours to Make Rent and trying to have one of those lil ole things called a Social Life. Here are a few, new, computerized Brooklyn Rabbits so that you can know what's goin' on in mah Meaningless Existence.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Rejected Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween...that happened like a week ago. After going through several ideas for a good costume (these ideas included being a Wall Street protester, Michelle Bachbitch, and an incarcerated Lohan.) Bebe Otter and I finally ended up dressing like Tina Fey and Amy P. from Baby Momma. However, the following costume ideas came close, and I thought I'd post them so that you can have some interesting ideas for next year. Maybe three of them will still be funny.

Add your own personal touch by holding a bottle'o'somethin' and yellowing your teeth to the extreme.

EXTRA POINTS if you smell funny.

To make eyebrows: find a docile ferret and glue it to your forehead.

Just walk around feeling weird about how much debt you might be in. Everyone will get the point.

The shinier, the campier, the stranger the head piece, the better.

Hope you had a good Halloween!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My New Family

Recently, three new people joined my life. Now, they are my family. Stephen the Sable, Dain the Ayeaye, and Miss Cleo aka Hairless Cat. This is my five-year-olds' artistic recreation of them:

But the most important family of the household wants you to see the drawing like this:

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Second Night in Brooklyn

I had spent all Saturday trying to bond with people my own age, other freshmen, and failed miserably. I was huddled in my dorm trying to ignore the sounds of other eighteen year olds having a blast with each other when I heard a knock at the door.

In swam a goldfish. I recognized him as being another writing major.

Without waiting for a reply, the goldfish jumped into my closet and started rifling through my clothes.

And thus I met Chulo, one of my future best friends and self-proclaimed brother.