Friday, December 9, 2011

A Very Late Thanksgiving Message

This was my ride from New York to New Hampshire for Thanksgiving. A 30 year old hipster read over my shoulder, watched some Dr. Who, and then fell asleep on me. Six hours of awesome.

Once I got to New Hampshire, my aunt had the whole day planned out. I was up at five am to catch the bus, but still had the energy to play with her horses, hang out with my cousins and their kids, and walk along the Atlantic beach.
Sorry about the font being so small. I'd fix it, like I did with the other panels, but I really should be re-writing my play before finals hit me like a special brownie. What it says is that my cousin, Bill, has this daughter who has already developed a sense of sarcasm. As my uncle, her grandfather, coughed Arabic into his iPhone, she sat next to me and made little throat-clearing noises, symbolizing an intense, Egyptian conversation. I love this family.

Finally, let's not forget that Zuccotti Park was cleared a few days before Thanksgiving. I'd like to take this opportunity to be a full-fledged stereotype; promote Occupy AND vegetarianism! All hail Pissed-Off Herb-Eaters!

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