Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cystimatic Dealings

Marissa Fish (Marfisha?) has told me to make these comics more accessible to people who don’t know me. Illustrated diary entries don’t always work, I know this.

But since my latest drama involves something that effects more people than we think, around thirty percentage of Americans have them to some degree, I thought that it’d be OK to make fun of going through the story of why I’ve been in and out of the hospital since August. I had two pilonidal cysts on my lower tailbone, which I discovered when I realized that sitting down shouldn’t be painful as hell.
I got it “fixed,” but had panic attacks. Maybe not just because of the cysts.

Then they came back this week and looked way worse. I’m not gross, so here’s what they felt like: ugly monsters with pinching teeth that made every movement painful, including lying down and getting up from lying down.
The Brooklyn Rabbit has been having problem posting because God hates me right now. For now, I’m curling up in a ball and trying to do midterms with some beautiful, giant bandages over my scut. Happy Thanksgiving!