Monday, November 7, 2011

Rejected Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween...that happened like a week ago. After going through several ideas for a good costume (these ideas included being a Wall Street protester, Michelle Bachbitch, and an incarcerated Lohan.) Bebe Otter and I finally ended up dressing like Tina Fey and Amy P. from Baby Momma. However, the following costume ideas came close, and I thought I'd post them so that you can have some interesting ideas for next year. Maybe three of them will still be funny.

Add your own personal touch by holding a bottle'o'somethin' and yellowing your teeth to the extreme.

EXTRA POINTS if you smell funny.

To make eyebrows: find a docile ferret and glue it to your forehead.

Just walk around feeling weird about how much debt you might be in. Everyone will get the point.

The shinier, the campier, the stranger the head piece, the better.

Hope you had a good Halloween!

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