Sunday, May 20, 2012

Moving: Part 2

After living on Quincy for nearly a year and a half, my roommate, previously depicted as an Aye-Aye in my "New Family" post, was attacked inside of our apartment. Several voices of concern, including my own sanity, told me that I had to leave Bed-Stuy and never go back. Bed-Stuy might be a pretty safe neighborhood someday, but right now, the cheaper your apartment is, the higher your risk. The only problem was that I wasn't sure where would be the "smartest" place for me to go. Then, of course, El Tigre spoke up.

 Taffee Place is a street full of over-priced apartments and Pratt students whose rent is mostly paid for by their parents. To be honest, when I moved out of the dorms, I would've preferred to live on Taffee, but it looked like it was going to be impossible to pay anything less than $500. On my budget, I can't afford anything more. With El Tigre's help, however, I can finally afford to stay somewhere safe.
 As if negotiating sublet contracts with my rigid landlords isn't hard enough, along with backpacking the necessities the six miles to El Tigre's apartment, renting a UHaul van seemed to be one of the hardest part of my journey. I tell you now, anyone who is reading it, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT rent a UHaul van from Clifton Ave under the BQE. For some reason, the employee behind the counter took an instant disliking to me. She seemed to think I was mocking her by smiling, probably because no one is happy to rent a UHaul. It took calling the UHaul headquarters and tracking down her manager in order for us to get a van, but they still charged us. I repeat, DO NOT use this branch.
Ok, I didn't actually tell the woman I hated her. Actually, despite the fact that she was ruder to me than anyone has been in real person (not just on Facebook) since high school, I remained pretty calm. So did El Tigre when he was driving the damn truck through Brooklyn, which is no small feat.
So now, everything is unpacked and I should be feeling settled. Then El Tigre's lease is up in August, and as far as I know, the subletter taking over my room will work out. I've lived in seven places in the last three years, and I hope that, one day, this rodent will find a rabbit hole that is cheap, safe, and just as calm as I need it to be. Plus, if I could have a cat, that'd be nice.

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