Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Introducing: Rascal Quacks

Rascal Quacks is one of the only characters that I'll ever explain. Z was born a baby chicken, but prefers to be considered a duck. Z also isn't sure if Z is a boy or a girl, so you shouldn't call Z "he" or "she" even though Z was born male. Z is also trying out different identities, as you will see in the comics to come. Another thing you should know about hir is that Z isn't very...polite. Z often says what Z wants and doesn't care or angst about how Z has affected you emotionally. Meaning that Z is my direct opposite: I spend most of my time over-fretting how my words have affected you and go to bed every night understanding that I am probably the worst rabbit that has ever lived.

Thank you. And now, Rascal Quacks.

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